What can substitute for brown sugar?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Many SubstitutesIf a recipe calls for brown sugar, substitute an equal amount of granulated white sugar and 4 tbsp. of molasses per cup of sugar. You can also replace 1 cup o... Read More »

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Can I Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar?

On One Hand: Same IngredientsAccording to the Taste of Home test kitchen, both light and dark brown sugar are mixtures of granulated sugar and molasses. The only difference is that dark brown sugar... Read More »

How to Substitute Brown Sugar for White Sugar?

Replacing white sugar with brown sugar changes your recipe by altering the taste of the recipe. This is because brown sugar contains molasses from the sugar cane removed during the refining process... Read More »

Can you substitute brown sugar for regular sugar?

On One Hand: Brown Sugar has a Thicker DensityBrown sugar tends to clump together and can become dense. When cooking with brown sugar, it should not be used for light and fluffy recipes, such as an... Read More »

Can i substitute brown sugar for granulated sugar?

On One Hand: Substituting Sometimes WorksGranulated sugar and brown sugar are nutritionally equal; brown sugar contains more molasses than white sugar, which slightly changes its taste and texture.... Read More »