What can stop the skin from healing itself?

Answer There are many factors that cause the skin to be unable to heal itself properly. Some are serious factors such as disease and poor health and may require medical intervention.StressThe skin's abili... Read More »

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How to Stop a Zipper from Unzipping Itself?

A zipper that won't stay zipped can be frustrating as well as embarrassing! This is more of a "band-aid" fix, but anyone can do it--no sewing necessary.

What promotes skin healing?

Human skin is a complex organ that requires complex care. This is never more true than when it is cut or damaged. The healing process involves the constriction of blood vessels to stop bleeding, bl... Read More »

Principles of Skin Healing?

The skin, the body's largest organ, provides a host of functions, including protecting the body from overheating and injuries, storing water and healing itself through cell reproduction. Because it... Read More »

How to Speed Acne Skin Healing?

When waiting for acne to heal, the process may seem endless. Sometimes, before it can even heal new acne is already forming. The following steps can help aid the process and speed up the healing ... Read More »