What can stop the itch of shingles on the face&scalp?

Answer There are topical treatments and over-the-counter (OTC) medications that help relieve shingles blisters that cause pain and itch on the face and scalp. Patients must avoid scratching the blisters t... Read More »

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What can i put on a mosquito bite to stop the itch?

bakin soda bath will help, and put bakin soda on the iche.Or buy an anti iche cream

Got bite by bed bugs all over my body, what is a fast way to stop the itch?

What part of the country do you live in? If they are bed bugs, you are in big trouble because they multiply like no other. You will need to have your bed removed and have an exterminator and someti... Read More »

Can shingles stop cancer?

There has been a considerable amount of optimistic research in the past few years about oncolytic viruses (viruses that infect and kill cancer cells without effecting healthy tissue) having great p... Read More »

How to Stop Helmet Itch?

Helmet itch is dangerous!An itch may not be dangerous. But if you experience severe itch beneath your protective helmet whilst traveling at high speed on a motorcycle, horse, snowboard or set of sk... Read More »