What can prevent hackers ..... ?

Answer Hello FlameFor preventing hackers you need a good firewall (It does not prevent hackers,but it makes INVISIBLE to that criminals)And a good password. Try to prevent bad websites, i use mywot (Link ... Read More »

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How do i prevent hackers on my computer?

in the end nothing can stop a dedicated hacker. What you can do is make sure that you delete all of your cookies and internet history. Have a few firewalls (which you can get easily) pay for securi... Read More »

What is the meaning of hackers?

Hacker? The broadest definition would be anyone who finds a new use or modification for something that already exists by any means possible. In terms of computers, anyone who finds a new way to do... Read More »

What are jobs for hackers?

Well, Actually the term you are looking is: Ethical Hackers.So now the question is, What does Ethical Hackers Do?Ethical Hackers are nothing but hacker, Which are paid by the companies to hack into... Read More »

What US agency investigates hackers?

Usually NSA of FBI, if it is an international non American hacker CIA might get involved. IF a specific agency is targeted then that agency would usually get involved like if CID was targeted then ... Read More »