What can photography do that other media cant do?

Answer Still photo's capture a still moment, and capture a full scene, and the entire moment. It is also much better quality, and better detailed than something like a video. Videos capture a few moments,... Read More »

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How does online media's use of photography differ from that of other media formats?

Online media have no restrictions on the use of photography.

How has photography influenced other media?

Seeing is believingLet look at it this way. You see a photo of a child jumping up and down on a bed. The title under the photo says "Child Sleeping."Which do you believe?

Mixed Media Photography Techniques?

A photograph by itself is sometimes insufficient to express an artist's vision. Incorporating other forms of media and artistic expression in the photograph can give flexibility to the art. Artists... Read More »

Everytime i open the via media app on my vizio tv it says "no media detected" what media can I use and how do?

This app takes advantage of a firmware update that activated the USB ports on the TV. You can plug in a USB drive, and the TV can now detect it and display/play media from the drive. On my TV it s... Read More »