What can peripheral neuropathy cause?

Answer Peripheral neuropathy is a term that refers to damage to your peripheral nervous system. This system embodies a large network of nerves that transmits sensory messages from your spinal cord and bra... Read More »

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Can Peripheral Neuropathy Cause Low Lymphocytes?

I see you're asking the same question in different ways. My suggestions are that Low L is caused by a depressed immune system and I would detox the body well, and drink fresh wheat grass juice dail... Read More »

What are the causes of peripheral neuropathy&high cholesterol?

Because of the essential roles of the nervous system and cholesterol in human health, peripheral neuropathy and hypercholesterolemia can be debilitating. Both conditions have acquired and inherited... Read More »

Health & Peripheral Neuropathy?

Most people, at one point or another, have experienced that awful sensation of having a foot, hand, arm or leg fall asleep. The feeling for most is temporary and goes away within minutes. For peopl... Read More »

Ice Burns and Peripheral Neuropathy?

A person with peripheral neuropathy is at an increased risk for damage to his skin. It is important that he carefully monitor affected areas of his body for injury, including ice burns, when he has... Read More »