What can one do on a 10 hectare plot?

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What does"plot"mean in literature?

The term "plot" in literature refers to the sequence of events that constitute a story. Plots include the development of characters, the conflict and the resolution at the end of a story.References... Read More »

How to Make a Box Plot?

An example box plot. The names for the two outliers are the lower extreme and upper extreme.A box plot (also referred to as a box and whisker diagram) is a diagram showing statistical distribution.

How to Plot a Pie Chart?

Pie Charts are one of the easiest graphs to make and read. They provide clear, concise information that is visually discernible. They are fun to make, and lend themselves to creative touches. As su... Read More »

What is the plot for A Raisin in the Sun?

Scrooge's nephew thinks Scrooge is a high spirited man, and invites him to his dinner. His nephew talks about having a merry Christmas, but scrooges reply is "Humbug!" nephew is Fred