What can my friend do about this ?

Answer maybe he can get some grillz, but that might cost some money. I say he should have made a report so this person could have gotten caught if it wasn't your friends fault. then this loser would have ... Read More »

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A friend told me about something called “Facedeals”. What is this?

I saw something about this on the news one night. It's a facial recognition app that works with Facebook. Cameras are set up at the entrances to businesses and record everyone going in. If you a... Read More »

A friend told me about something called “do not track”. What does this mean?

The "stalking" your friend was talking about was from Internet marketers.When you use Do Not Track, your browser will delete your cookies so these marketing companies can't target you for ads.There... Read More »

A friend who is a girl. Her mother hates her idk what to do about this. what should i tell her?

Blood sisters are friends who want to be sisters so they cut them self and hold hands for 10 seconds and your blood sisters PS sisters

My friend told me about this website.?

No. is NOT safe, and can seriously damage your computer. It has the same effects as installing "lunix" on your hard drive. You will have to send your hard drive into a repair shop to ge... Read More »