What can melt ice?

Answer Lots of substances can melt ice. In fact, anything with a higher temperature than ice can melt the frozen water.FireThe easiest way to melt ice is to apply a flame to it. It will turn to water imme... Read More »

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When you try to melt the chocolate, is it possible to melt it by putting it in the microwave?

Yes it would, but I think the best way to smoothly melt chocolate is to place it in a bowl and then place that bowl into a saucepan of hot water. It melts slowwly and evenly and doesn't bubble or b... Read More »

What are hot-melt seams?

A hot-melt seam is a tightly sealed seam that has been fused by hot glue or tape, which is melted after application using a heating source such as an iron. It's often used in the making of waterpro... Read More »

What can melt pearls?

Pearls can be "melted" (technically they are being dissolved) with most easily attainable acids. The most common method is household vinegar.What is a Pearl?Pearls are formed by mollusks. These mol... Read More »

What makes ice melt fast?

There are two main ways to make ice melt fast. The first is to change the external temperature to raise the temperature of the ice. The second involves lowering the freezing temperature of the ice ... Read More »