What can make you not grow anymore?

Answer Nothing. Your height is determined by DNA.

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Do you think that I will grow anymore?

You are tall for your age and I think you will grow taller

If i'm 15 and i'm 5'5 will I grow anymore?

Its hard to say. It depends really when you started pubertry, and how far you are along. There are some people I know they were your age and stoped growing but other kept on. It just depends. Email... Read More »

I'm 15 and am 5ft 2" do you think i'm gonna grow anymore is there anyway to...?

The following Prescription of Homeopathic Remedies will help any youngster in gaining height: -1.BACILLINUM 2002.BARYTA CARB 200 Three drops each in a sip of water just once a week.Follow it up wit... Read More »

Will you grow anymore if you're 16 and 5'0'' and will you always be petite or will that change if you gain weight?

Answer If you are a girl you may grow another inch or two but not much more than that. Putting on weight will just make you fat, and when you are petite every extra pound will show. Answer Hello... Read More »