What can make scabs go away very quickly?

Answer Get a good moisturiser with Vitamin E in it, and keep it moisturised everytime you think of it.. (Providing it's not an open sore though..) This is how we get rid of bed sores really quickly at wo... Read More »

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How can I make a bruise go away quickly ?

i know you said youve tried make up but have you tried a green concealer with foundation over the top? the no7 range at Boots do a good concealer

How can I make this black eye go away quickly?

As far as I know, the quickest way to make it go away is putting ice on it soon after getting it. Other than that: let it heal. Depending on how bad it is, it'll probably take two-three weeks to ... Read More »

What size rock crystals form when lava cools very quickly?

The faster lava cools, the smaller the resulting crystals are. When lava cools, the minerals in the lava form crystals. When lava cools very quickly, the crystals have very little time to form, and... Read More »

How to Eat Very Quickly?

Consuming food quickly can be a great talent to show off to your friends. And besides who has the time to eat slowly? Following this guide and you will be amazing others with your ravenous food con... Read More »