What can make my knee feel better?

Answer Ice and ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation. Also elevate it.It's probably itching because the skin is taut over the swelling. When the swelling goes down the itching will probably go a... Read More »

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I hit my knee on the do I make it feel better?

heat actually is supposed to make it heal faster, because the heat causes better circulation....or so I've been told...rice bags are good for this....

My knee feel tightness when it bend, and little swelling?

give it a few more days then if still the same go back to your doctors until then keep doing what your are doing, have you had problems in the past and whats your age.

After 5 hours of sports, I feel pain in my knee. Is it normal?

My answer to you is to strengthen your hamstrings. The reason for this is that they act to stabilize the knee from sliding forward on the tibia which is how the acl gets torn. You maybe correct in ... Read More »

I recently feel uncomfortable in my joint ... around my knee .. i duno y .. so .. what can be done to heal .?

Few Questions;How old are U?Is the pain persistent?Is it worse during mornings?Just search about glucosamine sulphate online, and i'm sure you'll get most of ur answers. If you are over 35 then i t... Read More »