What can make my knee feel better?

Answer Ice and ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation. Also elevate it.It's probably itching because the skin is taut over the swelling. When the swelling goes down the itching will probably go a... Read More »

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I hit my knee on the do I make it feel better?

heat actually is supposed to make it heal faster, because the heat causes better circulation....or so I've been told...rice bags are good for this....

If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?

Every culture and every individual has a hangover cure. There are lots of interesting variations but a few basics are always the same.First of all alcohol makes you pee a lot. In fact you pee out ... Read More »

What can I do to make my throat feel better?

3tsp honey, couple squirts lemon juice in a mug then fill with hot water. That and a couple of paracetamol should give you a head start.

What can you put on a burn to make it feel better?