What can kids do to protect themselves from online predators?

Answer The Internet can be a valuable educational resource for kids, as well as a way to keep in touch with friends. Unfortunately, it is also increasingly becoming a hunting ground for predators. It's im... Read More »

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How do seals protect themselves from predators?

Across their collectively enormous range, the world's roster of seals face threats from a variety of predators, including large sharks, killer whales and polar bears. Intelligent and athletic, seal... Read More »

How Do Raccoons Protect Themselves from Predators?

Most people first get acquainted with raccoons when they find this bushy-tailed mammal rummaging through their garbage in search of food. Raccoons are often dark gray in color with ringed tails and... Read More »

How can kids protect themselves from child abuse?

if acsess to internet google child abuse sites like NSPCC get phone numberif not they should collect up as much as they could carry and run away in the night!

How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Predators?

Sexual predators are scary and dangerous but as long as you know how to protect yourself you shouldn't have a problem if you run into one.