What can i use that will allow me to mount 2 cameras onto my wheelchair.?

Answer There are several dependencies... and what is your budget?If you are using small, consumer-grade camcorders, the easiest would be to use something like a "Gorilla tripod" that can mount to the expo... Read More »

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Will Canon FD mount lens fit new cameras?

Where are the surface mount fuse on canon video cameras?

install the camera, if you have XP or better, it does all the work once you plug it in, installing the canon software is probably a good idea to.

What kind of camera do they use in Paranormal Activity (Wall mount cameras with night vision)?

Protection from ____________... If whatever it is you think a camera will protect you from is inside, then it is pretty much too late. Generally, having the cameras outside in addition to locking d... Read More »

I need a wheelchair cover for a motorized wheelchair. any ideas where to buy one?

There are a number of retailers which offer them both online and in regular storefronts. Most often if you want to purchase locally, check for your Yellow Pages for a local medical supply store or... Read More »