What can i use on my sunburn?

Answer take a cool bath. it will help ease some of the pain.

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How can I stop unbearable sunburn itching Is hydrocortisone cream bad for sunburn?

For a quick fix before you do yourself any permanent injury, place an ice cube on the burn and move it around. The shock of the cold will stop the itch dead. Be warned though, this only works as lo... Read More »

What do you do for a bad sunburn?

my mom always had us soak in a cool bath first, after we got out she would pat us down with white vinigar to cool us down further, then she would pat us down litely with aloe vera lotion. Seemed to... Read More »

What is the best way to get rid of sunburn?

I got severe sunburn with big blisers. Doc had me soak in Baking soda water in tub. Then after couple of days soak in epsom salts You can use "Foile" burn spray. It works pretty good after the soak... Read More »

What should I do for a bad sunburn?

Growing up in New Jersey, I know about terrible sunburns. Solarcaine Spray is the best.