What can i use instead of usual waxing strips to wax my upper lip?

Answer Thin cotton cloth..

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Homemade waxing strips. How to make them?

I agree waxing is wayyy better!! Heres how to make it and you simply use it like you would use the regular wax form the store. * 1 cup sugar* Half a lemon for the juice* 1/4 cup honey* A little bit... Read More »

Side Effects of Veet Waxing Strips?

Waxing removes hair at the root and can leave the skin smoother than some razors. When used correctly, home-waxing kits such as VEET® Salon Lineâ„¢ Ready to Use Wax Strips can deliver an effect si... Read More »

Any ideas what to have for a chinese instead of the usual sweet and sour.?

Try General Tsao's Chicken. Spicy but still sweet. Also, cashew chicken is EXCELLENT! Enjoy!

What's upper lip waxing like?

It's less painfull than threading and is faster. The hair will come back blunt instead of fine but will be np darker. My hair grows quickly so it starts to come back after a week but oly needs to b... Read More »