What can i use instead of flour in cookies?

Answer Try grinding oatmeal until it has the same consistancey as flour.

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How to Use All Purpose Unbleached White Flour Instead of Wheat Flour?

The difference between all-purpose bleached flour and wheat flour is in the milling process. Millers will grind out the germ (internal aspect of the wheat seed) and the outer shell called bran. The... Read More »

Can you use Konjac Flour for frying instead of Flour? don't see why not! anything that coats the food works great. coconut, crushed cereal, corn meal, lots of things work great.

What flour is best for baking cookies?

Pastry and cake flour are the best for baking cookies. Both are soft wheat flours with a lower protein content than all-purpose flour. Cookies made with pastry or cake flour have a delicate texture... Read More »

Can i use pancake mix instead of flour?

Sounds like can try... who knows, maybe you'll end up with your own little special donut recipe lol (: If you have no other options, go ahead and try it :)