What can i use for a pizza stone?

Answer Using a pizza stone to bake pizza at home can have many advantages. The pizza will be cooked more evenly because it will get the same amount of heat throughout. Many choices are available when sele... Read More »

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How to Cook Pizza on a Pizza Stone?

Pizza stones make great crusts!A pizza stone is a very useful tool and very cheaply sourced from many stores. There is a special way to use them however to prevent your pizza failing, but they can ... Read More »

How to Use a Pizza Stone?

A pizza stone cooks great pizza, and a whole lot more! Not only is it a great cooking surface, it can help your whole oven cook more evenly. Here's a quick and easy guide on how to get the most fro... Read More »

How to Clean a Pizza Stone?

This is a very simple way to clean a dirty pizza stone. For this, you will need a self-cleaning oven. This method of cleaning a stone is purely for aesthetic reasons. The functionality of a pizza s... Read More »

What is a pizza stone made of?

Pizza stones can be made of terra cotta, a fired clay, as well as other dense ceramics. This material allows the pizza stone to distribute heat evenly and extract moisture out of the crust, emulati... Read More »