What can i substitute coco powder for when making red velvet cake?

Answer You can't sub anything for it.Easier than making it from scratch, you can cheat & use Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet cake mix. Otherwise, ask your mom to pick up some cocoa powder at the store.

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What can I substitute baking powder with (i'm making biscuit)?

just pick a baking powder without aluminium in list of ingredients a substitute would be baking soda and cream of tartar which make up Baking powder. You could also try soda water which may give so... Read More »

Red Velvet cake Napoleon Cake Or Devil's Food cake Which from this list do u like better?

Red Velvet Cake/cupcakes!!Also do you know that there is a recipe for Blue Velvet Cake/cupcakes?..yeah and it's yummy too!!!..=)

How to Convert Boxed Devil's Food Cake to Red Velvet Cake?

Red velvet cake is a pretty dessert that is popular around holidays. It is a red-tinted cake with fluffy or creamy white frosting, usually made with cream cheese. You can convert a box of devil's f... Read More »

I am looking for a seasoning substitute for any type of seaweed product for making a vegan fish substitute.?

Old bay makes quite a few seafood seasonings. There are many , but these can be found in any supermarket. Anything natural thats going to give it a "seaweed" taste like nori, kelp, wakame, etcc. co... Read More »