What can i store in cedar chests?

Answer Aromatic cedar chests provide a guarded storage spot for virtually anything in a household. Although they traditionally have served as a long-term protector for precious possessions, they also safe... Read More »

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How do I care for cedar chests?

CleaningClean the inside of the cedar chest with a vacuum cleaner, using the brush attachment, if you have left the cedar chest open for an extended time. Dust the outside with a very soft cloth. S... Read More »

Ladies do you prefer hairy chests or clean cut chests for guys?

It depends on the guy..I actually like both..but I dont like a BUSH of hair..thats kinda weird..but a lil isnt too bad..kinda manly ;)

What kind of wood was used on real pirate chests?

Most authentic pirate chests were made of wood. The most common wood used was oak. In addition, chests had metal strapping, hinges and locks. The metal was usually brass or sometimes iron.Source:Th... Read More »

How are chests of drawers made?

A chest of drawers is a storage device normally used to store clothing. Though this guide won't specifically teach you how to make a chest of drawers, it will walk you through the process in an eas... Read More »