What can i say to my friend to stop her having a baby because she's only 15?

Answer If she is already pregnant there is not much you can do, the decision is hers. If she is planning to get pregnant, tell her parents. They are the ones who will live and support her and her child. ... Read More »

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Can you adopt your 12 year old friend as a sister because her family is treating her bad and shes afraid of them and you can take care of her?

You went to the hospital because you were having contractions and only dialated half a cm what can i do to dialate?

Starting Labor As uninviting as it may sound have sex, the semen contains prostaglandin hormone which with a ripe cervix will stimulate your contractions to start. Also... Move around as much as y... Read More »

My baby had a condition of fallot's tetralogy I am 37 years old and he was my only boy after 3 healthy girls what are my odds of having a healthy baby or not?

Neglect as a word implies is a lack of attention; slavery implies a type of abuse. A farmer friend of mine said they had kids because its semi-free slave labor. It is highly dependent on what is go... Read More »

What could I say to a friend who just found out shes diabetic?

In reference to a couple of the answers already given, you don't have to be fat and have a bad diet to be a diabetic! You could tell her that while it will mean some changes to her life, with prop... Read More »