What can i plant with hydrangeas?

Answer Hydrangeas are ornamental shrubs with large flowers that bloom in the middle of summer. They can combine with other shrubs and perennial plants like delphiniums, heucheras, monardas and weigelas, w... Read More »

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Where should you plant hydrangeas?

On One Hand: Hydrangeas Prefer The OutdoorsHydrangea plants thrive in outdoor gardens, according to the University of Rhode Island. Plant hydrangeas in rich, moist soils that receive full sunlight ... Read More »

How to Plant Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are well known for their large pink and blue blossoms. People have been enjoying the blooming bush in their yards for centuries. Hydrangea bushes can be found growing in different parts ... Read More »

How do I plant hydrangeas in Niagara?

Container PlantingPut hydrangeas in pots to protect them during Niagara's cold, harsh winters. Place the plants in 10-gallon pots with bottom drainage holes, as hydrangeas can grow up to 10 feet ta... Read More »

How do i plant hydrangeas in the South?

Where to PlantPlant your hydrangea where there is adequate soil drainage and plenty of room for growth. Partial shade is good, however hydrangeas prefer at least five hours of daily direct sunlight... Read More »