What can i make with bread?

Answer Bread and butter pudding!!7 Slices Bread Soft Butter 1lt (1¾ pints) Milk 110g (4oz) Sugar 110g (4oz) Raisins and Sultanas 3 eggs, slightly beaten 1 tsp Vanilla ½ tsp Cinnamon ¼ tsp Salt Pre-heat... Read More »

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How to Make Bread in 40 Minutes With a Bread Making Machine?

Bread making machines a very practical but slow (two hours to bake bread). Here is a method for preparing dough and baking a loaf of bread in 40 minutes

How to Make Summer Herb Bread with a Bread Machine?

Nothing beats the smell of homemade Summer Herb bread. Plus, a bread machine makes this even more easier, thus tastier. Listed below is an easy and quick recipe for Summer Herb Bread.

How to Make Bread Pudding With Challah Bread?

Bread pudding is a dessert that makes use of day-old, slightly stale bread. Learn how to make bread pudding with challah bread for a slightly rich pudding that you can serve for dessert or breakfas... Read More »

How to Make Garlic Bread With Sandwich Bread?

Traditionally made with crusty Italian bread or French baguettes, garlic bread makes an excellent accompaniment to pasta dishes. Use sandwich bread to make a quick version of this classic side dish... Read More »