What can i make with..........?

Answer You can make chocolate oatmeal cookies.. they taste delicious! i think you can find some recipes if you look it up! :)

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What should you mix in with garden soil to make it rich with minerals?

use greensand and compost. ANSWER: Add composted cow manure to a rate of one fifty pound bag per 100 square feet of garden and till it under. POOF! instant rich soil without too much nitrogen. Add ... Read More »

What is the best thing to take off your make up with if you've run out of make up wipes?

That always happens to me and the best thing to use is Vaseline, or any petroleum jelly. It's so good at wiping all the makeup off.

What kind of goodies can I make at holiday time with 2 diabetics living with me?

My mom makes sugar free candies for my grandmother every year. She makes turtles: sugarfree chocolate, sugar free carmel and walnuts. Sugar free chocolate dipped pretzels, nuts and fruits. You can ... Read More »

Since America's obsessed with weight,why is it that people still make poor choices with what they eat?

eating healthy takes an active conscious effort and it seems that the majority of the people here in the US are inherently lazy by nature. everyone is always looking for the "easy" way and the "q... Read More »