What can i itemize on my tax returns?

Answer Before you can decide what to itemize, it is important to determine if you can itemize. The rule of thumb here is to see if your standard deduction is less than the total of the items that can be d... Read More »

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Should i itemize taxes&itemize income tax deductions?

On One Hand: Itemizing Allows More DeductionsTaxpayers who itemize income tax deductions are allowed to use every relevant legal deduction. Specifically, payments for mortgage interest, unreimburse... Read More »

Stock Market Returns Vs. Commodity Returns?

Investing successfully in the stock market and a commodity market requires similar qualifications: intensive study, a sensible plan of investment and sufficient capital to endure inevitable downswi... Read More »

F red train returns every 45 mn, and blue train returns every 60 mn, if both trains leave the station together?

What can you itemize for deductions?

The Internal Revenue Service divides tax deductions into two categories: adjustments to income and itemized deductions. To claim itemized deductions, you must file schedule A.Interest ExpensesIf yo... Read More »