What can i give my dog for severe mucus&vomiting?

Answer A dog that is throwing up frequently (more than twice in 12 hours) and with mucus in the stool can quickly become weak and dehydrated. There are only a very few things you can give your dog to help... Read More »

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Severe knee injury MRI results, may someone please give me input or relation. I need relief mentally?

Then, report this situation to the hospital...Good luck!

Severe Knee injury with MRI findings, can anyone give me some insight or relation, In need of mental relief!?

Hi Natasha,First off, I want to say that I am very sorry about your knee injury. Sounds so painful and I understand how it can make you depressed. I am 17, have had 3 MRI scans on my knees, and I h... Read More »

What Is Severe Acne?

Acne vulgaris, often just called "acne," can occur in four different levels. These levels, called "grades," range from one to four, with level four acne being the most severe. There are several d... Read More »

What is "severe" abuse?

A lot of parents especcially inexperienced, financially struggling and/or with no support system around them may abuse their child in a one off incident (for instance panicking when their baby crie... Read More »