What can i give my dog for gooey eyes from springtime allergies?

Answer Just like humans, dogs can experience allergic reactions. They can occur in any breed and during any stage of a dog's life. Symptoms of allergies in a dog include sneezing, increased scratching and... Read More »

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Can stretching your eyes give you better vision?

We get blurry vision from using our eyes, mind, and body together incorrectly. These incorrect vision habits squeeze our eyeballs out of shape and give us blurry vision.What you describe is very si... Read More »

Can you give me advise about my eyes I left my glasses in my aunts car?

just wear the old ones, its just for a couple daysyour cute face will show through anyways

My Hair Is Gooey and Gushing out Something?

You should see a hair specialist.That doesn't sound right,it sounds like the product made your scalp ooze oil or somehow the product created a reaction with your hair.Make sure to figure out going ... Read More »

Do you still feel gooey inside ...?

No, I've just had a lil wipe around up there, I got up to the knuckle.LmaoPS - I do really, I still got a stupid smile on ma