What can i eat/drink to get rid of constipation?

Answer apple juice will help a little

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What can I try to relieve constipation?

What goes up must come down. Sir Isaac Newton proved that, sitting under an apple tree.What goes in must come out. You proved that, sitting on the toilet this morning.Well, didn't you?Or was it yes... Read More »

Constipation, what can I do to fix this?

Constipation how do I get rid of it and what can laxitive do?

It depends on what laxative you use as to how soft the stool will be when you pass it. If you use something like Citrate of Magnesia, it will turn the stool to liquid and it will pass easily. The... Read More »

What is a home remedy for constipation?

If it is a constant problem, then adding fiber to your diet is a must. You can do this by eating more foods rich in fiber (check the nutrition information), or using a supplement (although I know ... Read More »