What can i eat or drink to help clean my liver as i drink alcohol a lot?

Answer I'm an alcohol counsellor. There is nothing you can eat or drink to protect your liver from the poison you are drinking. A liver function test from your GP will tell you how much damage you have do... Read More »

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Do you get liver pains when you drink alcohol?

It is possible... BUT.. liver pains and liver problems almost always result from a person who has been a persistant drinker over many years.... It sounds like you have a problem of GAS and not live... Read More »

If I drink alcohol and that makes me a alcoholic, if I drink fanta, does that make me fantastic?

That was an awesome question, dude. You put a smile on my face. Just what I needed! *chuckle*

If u drink alcohol sat when will your urine be clean?

Yes at some day in the future your urine will be clean.4 days

Which Matters Most When You Drink Alcohol: Spacing or How Much You Drink?

When drinking alcoholic beverages, spacing the amount of time between the consumption of drinks is important because the body can only metabolize one drink per hour. But nothing has greater health ... Read More »