What can i do with the kids at a nursery aged 2-5 years?

Answer You sound like you have a great opportunity here. Your world is wide open. If you think is sounds like something fun (but not dangerous), the children are probably going to love it. Mine love p... Read More »

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What kind of physical activity could i do with nursery children aged 3-5 years?

I used to teach pre-school, and my children loved doing simple obstacle courses.. we would cut out feet prints from constructin paper and tape them to the floor so they knew what direction to go an... Read More »

Does anyone know the routine for a child aged 1 when there in nursery?

at our nursery, they have a schedule that they do everyday, which includes: songs, free choice activities, potty training (for those who are ready), snack time, stories, music and movement, nap tim... Read More »

Can someone help me plan the care for a child aged 3 for a full day at nursery?

Let him play educational toys like number blocks, Lego, memory card games.

How many years is lea and perrin's worcestershire sauce aged before bottling?

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce contains a mixture of vinegar and secret spices and is aged in wooden casks for 18 months to develop a rich flavor. The sauce is named after two chemists, John Le... Read More »