What can i do to take my mind off food?

Answer Take up a hobby, something that involves doing something with your hands, like painting or knitting or something like that. Also I have found drinking a glass of water when I feel snakcy really hel... Read More »

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What's springs to the mind when i say - sunday food.?

mmmm, roast beef, home made gravy, awesome dinner salad, mashed taters, corn on the cob, green beans, dinner rolls, and a huge glass of iced tea! :)

POLL: If I say "disgusting" - what food comes to mind?

Who says that English food is bad I'll bet I can change your mind if you have 4 minutes to spare.?

I was rather poor when I lived in England. I found the common person's food in England to be simply uneatable. Let's see, there were Wimpy Burgers. that were so full of grease as to make McDonald's... Read More »

What happens to a persons mind when they eat human meat as main source of food?

Yes they must be extremely crazy to kill a human being then to eat the human meat. Does a cannibal feel any different from us, no, they don't feel any different just their mind is different and ver... Read More »