What can i do to take my mind off food?

Answer Take up a hobby, something that involves doing something with your hands, like painting or knitting or something like that. Also I have found drinking a glass of water when I feel snakcy really hel... Read More »

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POLL: If I say "disgusting" - what food comes to mind?

What happens to a persons mind when they eat human meat as main source of food?

Yes they must be extremely crazy to kill a human being then to eat the human meat. Does a cannibal feel any different from us, no, they don't feel any different just their mind is different and ver... Read More »

What's springs to the mind when i say - sunday food.?

mmmm, roast beef, home made gravy, awesome dinner salad, mashed taters, corn on the cob, green beans, dinner rolls, and a huge glass of iced tea! :)

Diabetics, can you take peanut butter on an airplane What do you take so you don't get stuck without food?

You are allowed one carry on piece of luggage, and you can put whatever snack food in there that you want. peanut butter or anything else, as long as it's not liquid. Once you go past that airport... Read More »