What can i do to stop my hair from falling out?

Answer Thinning hair is a common problem today. Irregular food habits, maintenance of unhealthy scalp and personal hygiene, elevated levels of environmental pollution and stressed lifestyles can lead to h... Read More »

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Tips to Stop Hair Falling Out?

As you age you might experience embarrassing hair loss; this is not uncommon. According to Hair Finder, hair loss occurs very commonly in males and in approximately one in four women as age begins ... Read More »

When will my hair stop falling out from stress?

On One Hand: Telogen EffluviumStress may lead to telogen effluvium, a type of hair loss in which the follicles enter a prolonged resting phase. After a few months, it can cause hair to suddenly fal... Read More »

How long after pregnancy does your hair stop falling out?

On One Hand: Temporary Hair LossAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, post-pregnancy hair loss may continue for one to five months after delivery. Excessive shedding typically peaks thre... Read More »

What's a good shampoo to make hair stop falling?

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