What can i do to get my computer run faster?

Answer Your computer is very old I am assuming. I would do the following, buy more memory and upgrade to Windows XP. If your computer is running 256MB or lower it is too slow. You should be running 512... Read More »

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Will using faster ddr2 make my computer faster?

Yes, using faster DDR2 RAM will make your computer faster. But, according to the results of a RAM speed test done at the Tom's Hardware website, using mainstream DDR2 RAM, such as DDR2-800 or 1066 ... Read More »

What can I do to my computer to make it run faster?

Computers keep getting faster and more powerful--the most powerful PC a month ago can easily become less than high-end in a few weeks. Instead of buying a completely new system, you might be able t... Read More »

What can i do to make my computer faster?

When you get a new computer, it is fast. Over time, it becomes slower and slower. Part of the reason for this is that newer, faster computers are coming out, and your computer seems slower in compa... Read More »

What can i deleat to make my computer run faster?