What can i do to get desktop running again?

Answer Well what operating system you have? It may be because of your BIOS...when you turn on your PC do yo have an option, of ex. pressing F12 to enter setup? iIf so, try that!"you fried your mobo or you... Read More »

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I have Microsoft excel on my desktop and it keeps running slow, what should I do to speed it up?

Try right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button for Performance. Under the "Visual Effects" tab, change that from letting Windows... Read More »

Why is my desktop running slow?

Regular care and maintenance are must needed to increase PC's performance. Otherwise PC slowdowns. There may be many reasons for a slow PC, Like.Data overloadScattered dataSpyware & Malware issuesV... Read More »

Why is my Desktop PC running very slow?

honestly i don't know why its running slow, everything you put up is better than my computer. except for the RAM. that's probably the reason. RAM is memory and that may slow down depending on what ... Read More »

Why does my computer fragment so bad when no programs are running I defragged & left it on & it's bad again.?

There's a chance you have some kind of hacking tool installed in your computerGo to and run a Total Scan or go to and then you'll be able to remove ... Read More »