What can i do to get better HELP ME ONLINE DOCTORS.!!!!!!!?

Answer I've only ever seen one person here claiming to be a doctor and he was a cardiologist. Take some vitamins including vitamin C. It might not help but it can't hurt. Drink plenty of water. Rest.

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What do doctors do to help a premature baby?

They give the premature baby a special kind of milk to help them gain weight. Sometimes, premature babies have to stay in the hospital for a long time. They have to be at least 5 pounds to leave.

What kind of doctors help with birth?

Obstetricians and midwives help with the birth; pediatricians take care of the baby after birth.

Help .. What is the meaning of sentence "Help us to help you better ."and..?

It's to get an even higher quality of information that they can then offer to everyone else.

UTI help Any doctors...!!!!?

YES the sulfamethoxazole (the full name won't fit on the label) will work! Every time I got a UTI as a teen, which was just about every other month for 6 months, I was prescribed SMZ/TMP. It worked... Read More »