What can i do to ease this pain in my leg?

Answer The symptoms do point to a pinched sciatic nerve.To ease the pain, besides rest, do take a long very warm bath, but putEpsom Salts in the water.If it still does not ease, you will need to see the d... Read More »

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My husband has a pain on his right side of the chest is there anything that i can give to ease his pain?

Yes, the best thing you can do is to get him to a doctor like ASAP. Any kind of chest pain should be considered and given careful consideration, and be brought to a physician's attention. Mike

What could be an alternative to ease the pain of costochondritis?

What to do to ease pain wisdom teeth are coming out?

I would call your dentist or even your doctor and ask what they advise you to do, if you really think you could be pregnant. Something mild like Motrin SHOULD be okay to take in the meantime, but h... Read More »

I Hit My Knee Really Hard--What Can I Do To Ease The Pain?

All I can think of is to get an ice pack, and maybe that will numb the pain a bit... Or maybe you could take a hot bath.. but I dunno how that would help, lmao. Sorry you got hurt.. :(