What can i do instead of sitting on facebook all day!?

Answer go shoppingplay with ur make up and hairpick out outfits that look great togetherlearn to play a new instrument like guitarcall ur friends and make plansjoin a gym/work outanswer mine?http://answer... Read More »

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Why does facebook now say "via facebook mobile" instead of "via iPhone" Just noticed that it changed today...?

ive been changed to via facebook mobile since last week when this news came's why (read it):

I am 13 years old and I need a job.I can't do babysitting, house sitting or pet sitting. What else could i do?

How to get back the old facebook profile instead of the timeline?

you can't. Before you could make it so you could view it in the old set up (even though it still showed timeline) but now timeline is the only way. Sorry. Just get use to it or delete your account

We were sitting at the table having a conservation and there was a guy sitting breathing all heard.?

I do the same thing so tell him dont feel bad (hint:Im not obese)