What can i do in college at age 31 is it worth trying.?

Answer A bunch of hot chicks.

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Is it worth going to college?

On One Hand: Better PayGoing to college offers the opportunity to pursue a career of your choice and to make more money than if you did not attend college. College graduates make about $20,000 more... Read More »

Is a college degree worth it?

On One Hand: College Graduates Earn MoreAccording to U.S. News & World Report, college graduates earn about $20,000 more per year than high school graduates. The careers of those with college degre... Read More »

Is college debt worth it?

On One Hand: Growing Number of GraduatesTaking on a lot of college debt may not reap enough benefits to make it worth the hassle, according to ABC News. The number of college graduates keeps growin... Read More »

Is berkeley college a worth of money spend?

Yes, There are a lot of benefits to being a Berkeley College student like, graduating in three years instead of four for a bachelors degree. Your on-the-job internship will give you more experience... Read More »