What can i do in college at age 31 is it worth trying.?

Answer A bunch of hot chicks.

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Is it worth trying to fix a water damaged lcd screen?

It's worth it if:1. The lcd screen has no ink blots or bleed areas.2. The extent of the water damage is minimal. If the water was splashed or sprayed(like a beer spray). 3. The extent of the water ... Read More »

Recommend some new brand of coffee which are worth trying?

Hampton Bay Coffee. You can get it online.

People diet so much trying to be more happy with themselves. Is it really worth it Opinions?

You know, I am one of those people who tend to diet off and on with no change, and NO it is not worth it. The reality is we are all beautifull in our own way, whether it is as a skinny size 2 or a ... Read More »

Is that book,"nature cures they dont want you to know about" worth buying or is he just trying to make money?

The author has been involved in many fraudulent business dealings and has been fined by the FTC. Read the links below to discover how unhappy many people are with his book and website.