What can i do if my camera lenses won't turn on?

Answer take it to the repair not shur anyway! im only nine!

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My insignia camera wont turn back on i just got it and bought a duracell battery now it wont turn back on?

Most cameras require a lithium battery. They will turn on with a regular battery for a moment, and then turn right back off.

What do you do when my camera wont turn on?

You buy a new camera and if that one breaks to than face it, your not meant to have a camera.

I dropped my camera in water it wont turn on and i dried it what should i do help?

You shouldn't turn it on at first. First of all you should dry it first for like a day or two then turn it on. If that doesn't work then it must have short circut. I suggest you get a new camera.

Camera got wet and now it wont turn on?

Oh, so sorry to hear that...I actually never got my camera wet enough not to work but my sister told me that she messed up her cell phone by dropping it in water..Someone told her to put it in a ba... Read More »