What can i do if i spilled beer in my laptop?

Answer Liquids are definitely not a friend to laptops---and the situation only gets worse if the liquid is beer or juice rather than water. Once sugar and other contaminants enter your laptop, it may not ... Read More »

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I have spilled water on my laptop!?

If you have spilled water on you laptop the only thing to do is turn off the laptop and let it dry out naturally don't use it because if the water leeks into the mother board you could short it out... Read More »

I spilled water on my laptop?

Turn it off and wait for it to dry out throroughly ( a day or so) do not let it charge. make sure it is away from electric the whole time.then try again it might be ok.

Spilled water on my laptop, what now?

turn your laptop off and do not use it for the next day or so if possible. You want to give it a chance to dry it completely. Unless you have a Lenovo/IBM laptop, there is a possibility that some l... Read More »