What can i do if i got into a car accident without car insurance?

Answer Most states require drivers to have car insurance in order to be able to take to the streets, but many people can't afford the costs, or simply choose not to get insurance. If these people become ... Read More »

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Does your premium go up if someone without insurance had permission to drive your car and gets into an accident that was their fault in NJ?

Answer Generally speaking, if your insurance has to pay out, then there probably will be an increase. Good luck.

What are the steps taken against a person in an accident without insurance?

In the UK - driving without motor insurance on a public highway is a criminal offence. The police will investigate and the Crown Prosecution Service will prosecute in the good for the good of the s... Read More »

If I get into a car accident and...?

it all depends on who's fault it is, if its another persons fault they can sue them for medical injury, but if it is because of you, then they do have the right to sue you for endangerment and medi... Read More »

Got into a car accident, is this my fault Opinions?

I guess you are in usa or other rightside driver countryIn the uk the vehicle OR pedestrian travelling forwards has the right of waySO in the uk it would be your fault too.Experience is sadly a cos... Read More »