What can i do if i feel nausea?

Answer Maybe your Stomach function was disorders,so you should :1.Avoid overwork and being angery2.Keep a good mood Hope this tips , if you need any other help ,you can E-mail me

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Do I stop taking my medicine It makes me feel bloated and I feel nausea.?

Hi,Absolutely right. Please follow your doctor's instructions. In case you have any inconvenience with the medicine, please do discuss that with him.For more natural remedies visit the link below ;... Read More »

If you get your periods 10days late afterthat feel nausea headaches bloated stomach loss og appetite but still gain weight and now feel pain in your right leg does it mean you m pregnant or ovulating?

AnswerYou are definitely pregnant think about your period has not come yet and your gain weight and throwing up those are all symptoms of your being pregnant

If you are having nausea and feel like you have to throw up can you b pregnant?

Answer Yes nausea is a symptom of pregnancy if you suspect that you are pregnant go get an at home test or go to your doctor or planned parenthood clinic to get a blood test to see if you are preg... Read More »

Is it possible to feel nausea from pregnancy only five days after ovulation?

Answer I am going threw the same thing cramps and nausia .. I get a blood test tomorrow it is only 6 days after ovulation---YES!