What can i do for a youtube video. Easy 10 points!?

Answer Write a rap, and videotape yourself doing it.Bo Burnham has videos on YouTube, and they are absolutely hilarious.Outdo him if you can! Good luck on the video, and kudos for the effort!

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Youtube name. EASY 10 POINTS!!!?

gaTv ... or ausTV ( said as UStv ) people will remember it easily

Can someone please make me a banner for my youtube channel EASY POINTS?

If you want Easy Points, i suggest you'd better do it by yourselfThere are many good banner maker website now, and you can do it free and goodTry Fotor-Banner maker, there are parts of templates ab... Read More »

What is the best camcorders to upload videos to youtube easy 10 points?

Flip is a better choice ot another good one that I would recommend is Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/5x Optical Zoom…

My youtube is not working!!! urgent help is needed easy 10 points?

you should follow the instructions and download java. same thing with my computer! =D i just updated my mac n its fast as ever esp youtube.