What can i do for a youtube video. Easy 10 points!?

Answer Write a rap, and videotape yourself doing it.Bo Burnham has videos on YouTube, and they are absolutely hilarious.Outdo him if you can! Good luck on the video, and kudos for the effort!

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What is the best camcorders to upload videos to youtube easy 10 points?

Flip is a better choice ot another good one that I would recommend is Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/5x Optical Zoom…

What Video Camera Should I Buy easy 10 points!!!!?

Sanyo Xacti it's all you need and waterproof!

Youtube name. EASY 10 POINTS!!!?

gaTv ... or ausTV ( said as UStv ) people will remember it easily

What are some EASY good youtube video ideas?

Streaming video has created new marketing opportunities for businesses online. The Easy Video Player is one software tool that now creates streaming videos at the click of a button to help companie... Read More »