What can i do about skunks under my house?

Answer Many times, houses with crawl spaces underneath or with decking can attract burrowing animals. These places provide a cool, dry climate the mammals prefer. The skunk, as well as possums and raccoon... Read More »

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Does anybody remember an 80s childrens Sci Fi show about some kids who find shape-shifting aliens in an old house where they transform into worm like creatures and have caverns under the house?

gidday mate i was just looking fore the same thing and then it hit me, its called animorphs

What should the humidity in your house be My house is about 72 degrees and my dehumidifier is set on 40. Huh?

Ideal humidity is 40 to 50. less will affect your sinus' and will cause static electricity while walking on carpets. It can also make wood furniture crack. Over that and you have the chance of mold... Read More »

Why is nick afraid that his house was on fire and what is unusual about Gatsby's house?

Using raid indoor fogger under house in crawl space how does it affect the inside of house?

depends on how old and sealed the home most new homes it would be a non issue, where as I have been at some old homes that the fog will go right into the living space