What can i do about my sex headache?

Answer try chizzle'n one out real quick

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Where does my headache go after I take Ibuprophen. About 40 minutes ago, I had a massive headache. I'm just ?

haha i think about that stuff too all the time where does it go for real lol

What can I do about a severe headache?

I'd say rest/sleep. I hope you feel better soon, vt...…

What to do about headache accompanied by nausea?

go see a doctor!!!! by the sound of it, it could be a brain clot or something

Is it any good me asking you what I can do about my sunburn, my empty wallet and my headache?

White vinegar will ease the pain, just wipe it on your sunburn with a Cotton ball or tissue. aspirin or ibuprofen for the headache.