What can i do about an insect bite on my arm?

Answer Take your allergy tablets now. If no improvement after a few hours see a may need something stonger.

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What insect bite is it?

There are Mosquitoes in England, alongside gnats and midges. So you most likely have been bitten by Mosquitoes.................

What insect bite leaves a welt?

Almost all insect bites or stings leave welts, if they have the horsepower to break the skin. If it's not a chemical blend they inject to make feeding easier, their saliva can also cause a localise... Read More »

What could this insect bite be?

Most likely a spider of some sort. If you start experiencing numbness in that limb you should go to a hospital and get checked out. It's probably not anything bad but better safe than sorry.If yo... Read More »

What are the treatments for an insect bite allergy?

An insect bite or sting can result in a serious allergic reaction. It is important to determine the severity of the reaction and act accordingly. Sometimes it is appropriate to treat yourself with ... Read More »