What can i cook with a steamer?

Answer Steam cooking is a method by which food is cooked as the heat of the steam rises from a lower compartment to cook the food in the upper compartment. There are many kinds of food you can cook in a s... Read More »

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How long do you cook steamer clams?

Cook steamer clams just until the shells open, about five to 10 minutes. Place the clams on a steamer rack over 1 cup of boiling water or broth. Check after five minutes and then every minute after... Read More »

Can you cook cracked steamer shells?

You should not cook steamer clams with cracked shells. Only eat clams whose shells are completely intact. Otherwise, the clam inside could be dead and cause illness if you eat it.References:allreci... Read More »

Can I cook Quaker quick oats in a steamer?

I would have said it couldn't be done until I Googled it.…RScott

Can you cook smoked sausage on a Black& Decker flavor steamer?

On One Hand: Not a SmokerThe Black Decker flavor steamer cooks with an electric heating device and liquid. It does not create smoke, and cannot be used to actually smoke sausage or other meats.On t... Read More »