What can i buy with $5 at starbucks?

Answer Lol. I'm not a coffee drinker and someone gave me one also one time. I bought a frappucino. It was a pretty good size. I think it was 4.85 for a medium or large. I don't remember.They also have bre... Read More »

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Has anyone had any bad experiences with starbucks?

Drink wise, not really. I always get a standard grande latte and its hard to mess up on that. However, I did have this one girl that told me that if i wanted to read the newspaper, i would have to ... Read More »

Help with first day working at Starbucks!?

Your training likely starts with something simple like a video. Then you need hands on training. You need to know where to find everything, how to make espresso, what goes in all the drinks, how ... Read More »

Can I order a drink at Starbucks with extra milk?

Just ask them. You might have to pay a little more.

Is Passion tea with "Thai walls" available at every Starbucks?

No they only do passion tea just asked them