What can i buy to fix scratches on cds?

Answer It happens. Over time, CDs develop scratches from normal use, creating playback issues and increasing stress on players. Although some scratches are permanent, many times, minor blemishes can be r... Read More »

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How to Fix Scratches On Your Car?

Scratches on your cars finish can be very frustrating, not to mention unsightly. The good news is that most scratches can be fixed by following some simple steps. This article will help you with di... Read More »

How to Get the Scratches Out of Your Car?

Scratches on cars all have one thing in common: they can ruin the style and beauty of your automobile. However, Popular Mechanics magazine states that not all scratches are the same. Some damage te... Read More »

How do I fix CD-Rom scratches?

AbrasivePolish the scratch with a cotton swab and a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste or furniture polish. Do not use any abrasive that contains a solvent, because it may start dissolving the polyc... Read More »

How can you get scratches out of CD's or DVD's ?

There are scratch repair machines at Radio Shack and WalMart that polish out scratches. The two I've used are the skipDr. and the Memorex Opti-Fix. The Memorex puts a nicer polish on the disc but w... Read More »