What can i buy to fix scratches on cds?

Answer It happens. Over time, CDs develop scratches from normal use, creating playback issues and increasing stress on players. Although some scratches are permanent, many times, minor blemishes can be r... Read More »

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What Do I Use to Rub Out Scratches on My Car?

Anyone who takes pride in the appearance of his car knows how frustrating it can be to walk out of the house or a store and catch a glimpse of a tiny scratch on the hood or under the door handle. Y... Read More »

What Substances Remove Scratches Off of Cars?

Scratches on the body of a car are irritating. Unfortunately, you can't completely avoid getting them. Sometimes a scratch will be caused by the edge of a gate as you drive out of your compound. So... Read More »

What Household Item Removes Scratches From CDs?

CDs have a metal layer inside of them onto which their data is recorded. Once the plastic surface above the metal layer has been scratched, the CD data can no longer be read and the scratch must be... Read More »

My all-in-1 computer has what looks like scratches on the screen?

if they are scratches and its glass and there not too bad its possible to polish them out but not if its lcd its plastic.