What can i bring someone whos sick i dont have time too cook soup?

Answer fruit, crackers, (jello like the other person said:) ) and if you have time maybe some toast? tea is always good too. also icecream sometimes feels good on a sore throat:P and there are some soups... Read More »

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How to make cambell soup from scratch my daughter sick an i want to give her some chicken soup?

Campbells soup comes in a can,you put it in a pan,add a can of water to it and heat until it starts to simmer.Serve with toast or a nice crusty bread roll.Some soups are ready to serve without addi... Read More »

Can someone help me i want to attach a scanner to my laptop but i dont have the disk what can i do?

You can download the drivers direct from the canon website.

What is the polite response if someone asks "May I bring something" when you already have the meal planned?

Parapharsed from Ms Manners: The polite response would be "Yes thank you, but it is not neccessary. Just come and enjoy."This gives them the choice. They can bring something or not. If they do alw... Read More »

Someone keeps banging on my bedroom window should i call 911 but i dont kno the # and i dont kno wat 2 say!!!?

cherry...cherry, are you there still?Dang! Guess I'm too late. And I had the number too. :(